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If you know that you could actually play better it is best to choose a ring game with at least seven opponents or, preferably, with all 9 opponents: here you have more time to think about decisions and the game is not as intense. Choose a table with at least 2 or 3 weak players and the lowest stakes. Also, do not forget that you are willing to take risks with drinks on board.

If your concentration is impaired by fatigue, the influence of alcohol or other, be careful at the poker game and put you aware of any large amounts. Then the next morning you will regret nothing. In summary, I would like to emphasize again that you really never play poker is when you are emotionally applied. Do not play if you have drunk enough alcohol to be happy. Do not play if you are not sleepy even after the second cup of coffee. On the whole, I recommend never to play when Outside influences are a kind of distraction.

A player who thinks long term, that does not matter. It is one of the general upward trend over a long period of time. It is now obvious that you need to arm themselves especially against loss sustained phases.

This means that you play in the proper "league", that selects exactly the right table limits. Who plays too high, runs the risk of going bankrupt. Who plays too low, missed opportunities to make money. Sensible bankroll management solves this dilemma.

The table limits are always in correct proportion to the total bankroll. If the capital you have to back down in the table limits, capital increases, one may ascend to the next higher table limits. This principle is useful for any poker player, whether he plays No Limit or Fixed Limit or rather entirely focused on tournaments. now let us look at examples from practice on. Bankroll recommendations by professionals for No Limit and Fixed Limit cash games.