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We have poker rules and tips for a variety of poker games, with a focus on Texas Hold'em, the most popular poker variant. Texas Hold'em, we in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour played. What items you should read depends on what you already know about how to play poker!

If you have never played cards, begin with the article The cards . If you know the deck, but poker is not, then start with the article poker hands . If you know the ranking of poker hands, then try it out Texas Hold'em .

If you want to play for money, then you read the rules set by bidding. For beginners we recommend limit to play. If you're looking for fun variations of the standard poker game, be sure to check our Poker Variants page (English) at. There you will find many fun poker variations that you can play at home. Most of them, however, you will not find in a casino.

Another good way to learn the poker rules, poker free is with the help of the coach of Party Poker . Just visit Party Poker , the software upload, go to the play money tables and select 'Poker Trainer.' Use the sign up bonus to get the best possible bonus if you later make a deposit and play for real money want.

It starts the first betting round by the player left of the big blind. He can bring the basic bet (call), he can raise (bet) or he can get out (fold) when he keeps his starting cards for bad. Afterwards it goes around clockwise until all players have placed their bets. Paying For example, all players use the base, the big blind is the last to the first round of the series. He can push (check), then the betting round is complete. Increase (raise) the player in the big blind, however, means that the first betting round begins almost anew. The players have again all bets, call or fold to the raise.