Beginners Casino Guide

Online casinos that offer ideal are forerunners in our opinion - they cater to the needs of the Dutch player. The casinos listed in the table above offer ideal as a payment method and thus open a door of convenience for you as a player. This ideal Casinos also offer a range of play opportunities, promotions, bonuses, and so on. Everything a player expected, refer to these casinos.

Anyone with a bank account can open a ideal Casino account. ideal is not a bank, but itself is an online service that allows you to pay for goods or services online safely and quickly. The money is from your current account (your normal payment) achieved.

ideal is the vast majority of Dutch web shops no longer be ignored. If you buy online clothing or anything else, you pay quickly and easily using ideal. This payment option will guide you through your own internet banking where you then paid the usual way within your own environment. You will hereinafter be returned back to the shop and the transaction is completed.

More than 10,000 sellers offer in the Netherlands and currently accept ideal and this number will continue to hand over fist. The great convenience for you as payer or player in this case is that you need a credit card, you paid immediately and that you paid within the familiar environment of internet banking instead of a possibly unknown virtual payment service for you.

The money you paid via ideal is not paid directly to the seller, it is first sent as a kind of provisional payment to the account of the seller. Above the comforts and benefits also apply to casinos with ideal. You need to play with ideal Casinos, only your debit card and valid authorization means for your internet banking (these vary by bank) a credit card. Once paid, the money is directly to your player account and you can be immediately available.